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Library/Reading Room

A library having 1000 books plus 20 journals/Magazines.

Computer Lab

The institution has a computer lab facility available with 40 computers which will enhance the students to learn with the latest technology.

Survey Lab

Survey Lab offers experience in fundamental land surveying measurement methods for surveying courses. The survey lab is equipped with the following instruments: Global Positioning system, Total Station, Theodolite, Levels, Dumpy Level, Prismatic Compass, Plane Table Set, Surveyor’s Compass, Measuring tap, Chain, Cross staff, Ranging rod, Offset rod, Arrows.

Building Science Lab

The building Science lab is equipped with the following instruments: Compressive testing machine-2000kN, Transverse strength testing machine-300kg, Abrasion testing machine, Tile testing machine, IS Sieve, Concrete mixer, Vibrating table, Moulds-Cylinder, Cube & Beams, Slump test apparatus, Vicat apparatus, Compaction factor apparatus, Bulk density containers, Electronic balance.

Climatology lab

Climatic information of the place is an important parameter applied in the design of buildings. Hence climatology form an important part of the curriculum of the B.Arch programme. The climatology lab is equipped with the following instruments: Barometer, Pyranometer, Hygrometer, Anemometer, Digital lux meter, Rain gauge, Laser distance meter.

Design studios

Drawing classes are conducted in design studios. There are 5 separate design studios available in the campus to facilitate the design, drawing and review as well as for conducting group discussions. Studios are equipped with latest tools.

Model making room

Separate halls are available in the campus for model making purpose.

Material museum

The material museum available in the campus exhibits various building material including modern construction materials. This serves as a learning space for the students to decide on their choice of materials during their academic exercise.

Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls

Separate hostel facilities are provided to boys and girls within the campus. The hostel is supervised by inmate wardens.


Canteen facility is available in the campus

Transportation Facilities

Transportation facilities are arranged for the students and staff staying outside the campus via different routes to the campus and vice-versa.